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Living on the coast tends to be a little more expensive, but these are beautiful places to live and are convenient for the outdoor lovers.  Homes in these areas are less likely to have A/C units.


    Anaheim is one of the larger inland cities, as the oldest and largest city in Orange County with almost 350,000 year-round residents, this city is rich in history, culture and nightlife.  It is a major tourist area, home to Disneyland!  A little lesser known, Anaheim is home to the USA National Volleyball team.  Beyond Mickey, Anaheim has so much to offer when it comes to shops, restaurants, activities and sports like the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Angels.  The Anaheim Convention Center & Arena is the largest convention center on the U.S. west coast.  Anaheim is easily a family friendly city, which boasts a crime rate 15% less crime than the California average.


    LA AFB: 30 – 75 mins

    JFTB: 20 mins – 45 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 20 mins – 45 mins


    Culver City is an up and coming community  and is one of the most central places to live, for convenient access to LAX, LA AFB, downtown L.A., West Hollywood and a number of area attractions.  Best known for Sony Pictures Studio (formerly MGM Studios) where many famous and classic films were made.


    LA AFB: 20 mins – 40 mins

    JFTB: 30 mins – 75 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 30 mins – 60 mins


    Cypress is a dense suburban family friendly city.  Cypress is very close to JFTB, as a neighboring city of Los Alamitos.  Cypress is the hometown to golfer, Tiger Woods.


    LA AFB: 25 mins – 50 mins

    JFTB: 5 mins – 15 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 10 mins – 25 mins


    Garden Grove is a nice peaceful town.  The shops, activities and restaurants are very diverse.  Garden Grove is a family friendly urban/suburban community with great schools.


    LA AFB: 30 mins – 60 mins

    JFTB: 15 mins – 30 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 15 mins – 30 mins


    Hawthorne is a family friendly town south of LA AFB.  It is an easy commute to LA AFB, LAX, the beach and shops.  There are better parts than others and a good rule of thumb is to stay closer to Manhattan Beach and stay away from the 105 freeway.


    LA AFB: 5 mins – 15 mins

    JFTB: 25 mins – 50 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 25 mins – 50 mins


    Inglewood is broken into four major regions among its 9 square miles: Crenshaw-Imperial, Morningside Park, North Inglewood and Fairview Heights.  Inglewood is best known for its art scene.  Many residents work in the medical or gaming fields.  Inglewood is not one of the safest cities in the L.A. area, with a crime rate higher than the California average. A good rule of thumb is to live on the western side of the city, closer to LA AFB and Culver City.


    LA AFB: 10 mins – 20 mins

    JFTB: 30 mins – 60 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 30 mins – 60 mins


    Irvine is a quiet, clean family-friendly city with a large corporate industry.  The city's residential and corporate areas look very uniform, with very little variance in design.  Irvine is a very safe and wealthy city, rated the safest city with a population of over 100,000 in America by the F.BI. for more than a decade.  There are more than 15,000 companies in the city limits including corporate headquarters and international businesses.  Additionally, it is home to 1/3 of the Fortune 500 companies.  Traffic is far more relaxed in Irvine, compared to other neighboring cities.  Irvine is also home to some of the very best schools in the nation from kindergarten to universities like Concordia University and the University of California.


    LA AFB: 40 mins – 80 mins

    JFTB: 25 mins – 50 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 20 mins – 40 mins


    Los Alamitos, Spanish for “The Little Cottonwoods” is home to JFTB and is known for its horse racetrack and the Water Polo National Aquatic Center on JFTB.  Los Alamitos has a dense suburban feel and most residents are more moderate in their political views.  Los Alamitos is very family friendly and has great schools.  Crime is low and the police department is well-liked by the community.


    LA AFB: 20 mins – 45 mins

    JFTB: 2 mins – 15 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 5 mins – 15 mins


    Los Angeles is of course the nearest major city with almost 4 million residents. As is the case with many large cities there are better areas than others to live.  Los Angeles is a large-scale melting pot with residents of all walks of life, ages and backgrounds.  Residents originate from over 180 countries and speak 140 different languages.  Shops, restaurants, cafes and other businesses tend to be busy throughout the day and year-round, as many local workers do not work normal 9 to 5 jobs, or do not work all year long.  Cafes and coffee shops tend to be busier during the day than other cities with many teleworkers.  This is the epicenter of the traffic and fitness fanatics.  There is also a number of really amazing food and drink venues.  Many residents of Los Angeles are in the entertainment, fashion or technology industries.


    LA AFB: 20 mins – 60 mins

    JFTB: 25 mins – 75 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 25 mins – 75 mins


    Though there is an urban part of Santa Ana, there is a good portion that is more rural.  Santa Ana is known for the Santa Ana Science Center and the Portola Coffee Lab and is the financial and governmental center of Orange County.  High School Baseball is a big deal here.  Santa Ana was rated the 4th safest city in America by Forbes in 2011.  There is convenient access to Amtrak.  Santa Ana has so much to offer from concerts at the Yost, its own zoo, the Bowers Museum, a murder mystery show and a wine bar.


    LA AFB: 35 mins – 70 mins

    JFTB: 20 mins – 40 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 20 mins – 40 mins


    Torrance is south of LA AFB and is a bit larger than many of the beach cities at over 114,000 residents.  Torrance has an urban/suburban mix vibe and is home to many young professionals with families.  There is plenty to do in the city with many restaurants, retail shops and parks.  Schools are also highly rated.  Torrance makes an easy commute to LA AFB, beaches, shopping and the freeways. It is also ranked among one of the safest cities in Los Angeles County.


    LA AFB: 15 mins – 30 mins

    JFTB: 25 mins – 50 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 25 mins – 50 mins


    West Hollywood is a very liberal, trendy and unique city.  It is most known for being pet, vegan and fitness friendly.  You can bring your dog pretty much anywhere, including the gym, find vegan meals at just about every restaurant and CrossFit is very popular.  There is a large LGBT community and a huge Halloween scene, along with a farmer’s market every day of the week.  The Grove is a tourist trap shopping and restaurant destination.


    LA AFB: 25 mins – 60 mins

    JFTB: 40 mins – 90 mins

    NWS Seal Beach: 40 mins – 90 mins



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